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The specialty food broker plays an important role in bringing specialty food products to the market place. The specialty food broker functions as an independent sales person and their main responsibility lies in selling products and relaying the orders to their clients. The text book definition of a food broker is “an independent sales force who performs the essential sales function and related services for a number of different principles.” The broker’s responsibilities are more complex than described in any text book definition and his or her services are retained by a commission fee. The broker’s job is to please both LAV Trade as well as the buyer. The broker normally does not receive any money unless they are able to sell a product. If still interested please continue reading.
A food broker is responsible for:
  1. Negotiating the best deal and promotion for the customer
  2. Protecting the integrity of the product and organization he/she represents
  3. Presenting a product line
  4. Can provide sales data to help sell a product
  5. Writing orders
  6. Following up on orders to ensure the delivery of the product,
  7. Ensures the product is properly displayed by offering merchandising advice
  8. Ensures that all product promotions and deals are applied to an order
  9. Monitor the sell through
  10. Arranges for product demo’s or sampling (increasing product exposure)
  11. May be required to walk through a payment
  12. Keep abreast of industry trends and relays this information to their clients
  13. Provide a “voice” within the industry
  14. Work with retailers to help sell a product.
    The following are some techniques a broker may employ to sell product or help remove or minimize the retailers risk associated with carrying a new product:
    1. Brokers may offer discounts to a retailer on a product they want to promote
    2. Brokers may offer “freebies” to help promote a product
    3. Brokers may actually take back or trade out a product if it is not selling
  15. The broker will keep LAV Trade posted of any discounts or recalls.
  16. The broker does not get paid for their services unless they can sell a product. It is in your best interest to negotiate with retailers to get them to order our products.
To apply please send your resume to jobs@lavtrade.com
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